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Tips on Designing Your Retractable Banner

Retractable banners are among the most common print marketing tools. This is because these banners bring on several advantages. Just as the name suggests they are retractable meaning that it is easy to fold them and move with them around to any exhibition or marketing seminar that is coming up. Most important of all is that with retractable banners, there is not so much work going into making it stand. They are more of standalone banners hence giving you an easy time. These banners are used to get out various messages and for that message to come out the best way possible it is important that the retractable banner is designed in the best way possible. There is a certain effect that these banners from have on marketing strategies that is undeniable. Hence since time immemorial, these banners have never run out fashion. Here are some tips on designing your retractable banner.


This is means that you need to know what you intend to achieve with your retractable banner. If for example you want to launch a new product or introduce new services, the number one thing that you will be looking at is having retractable banner that communicates the launch or introduction to your potential customers. This means that details about the new product or service have to come out in the first instance. Your client should be able to look at your banner and the first impression they draw is that you are launching a new product. This rule applies to all the other intentions that you might be having about the use of the retractable banner.

Concise message and place it at the top

Giving an example of a situation whereby the retractable banner is placed at the entrance of an office complex. Most people pass by so quickly and rarely have the time to dig into the details of the banner. The best thing you can do to capture the attention of your could be customers is to have a message that is straight to the point. The other thing that you need to do is keep the message at the top. If the message captures a potential customer they might spend a minute or two and find out what you have to offer.

Also if you are at an exhibition with several of your competitors, the design of your retractable banner and the message on it is what will set you apart. Most times there are so many places to visit within an exhibition, a concise message helps save on time and also benefits you since it makes you noticeable. If you don’t know how to make your message concise you can always talk to your marketing team since they are best suited to come up with the most convenient message possible.

Use brand logo, colors and contact details

Your business or company logo sets out you from other businesses that might be having a similar name to yours. Also it is through a logo that as a business you gain a true identity in the market. As part of a marketing strategy, it is highly advisable that you include your logo, company colors and contact details on the retractable banner. Never forget to include your contact details. In the event a client passing by gets to like what your business is all about, they would want to reach out. It is through a working email and phone number that you can be traced. Also the physical location of your business should be included. These are part of the details that make a retractable banner help you achieve your intention.

Incorporate a call to action in the design

Marketing must have an end goal. There is something that you want your clients or the people who see the banner to do. If you want them to call for free consultation, ensure that, that is included. If you want them to visit your website for more details, put that in the design of the banner. These banners might look that they can’t say all that you need to want in a single page, but it actually can. With the right designer a single page of the banner can tell almost everything that you want placed out to the public.

The inking used Always ensure that the banner is readable. If it is not readable then it might beat the purpose of usage. When reaching out to your designer, ensure that you also communicate on clarity. The clearer the banner is the more likely that those who come across it whatever location that you have placed it will be able to read it. Readability is justice to both your business and your clients. Thus as much as you might want your banner to be colorful, it is also important that the bright colors used don’t distort readability.